Marcus Davies – John Hinde

In keeping with our postcard project we had a talk from Marcus Davies, a photographer and a John Hinde enthusiast. John Hinde was a photographer that created bright and idealistic postcards. Marcus Davis spoke about Hinde’s practice and the aesthetic qualities of his work. The bright colours, figures in the foreground, and somewhat cheesy, forced scenes that made these highly successful post cards.

My favorite part of the talk was when Marcus spoke about how he came to be a John Hinde Postcard collector, and the strange world of other postcard collectors this has landed him in. I loved the story of how me meets a man in supermarket car park in order to swap post cards and get the ones he is missing. From his story it seemed hazardous and like a drug deal in a movie.

I liked how passionate Marcus was about his collection, it made me want to collect something and have a passion outside my photography, it made me feel that I need a hobby. It also gave me some ideas for my post cards, which was the point of the talk.


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