Photography Journal Research

British Journal of Photography

Who is it for?

It is for everyone, but is angled slightly more towards professionals, as the equipment advertised is high-end and industry standard. Something amateurs wouldn’t be buying unless they have ridiculous amounts of money. It is also more targeted towards fine art photographers over commercial; I feel this due to the articles and reviews that are included in the magazine. However these interviews can be useful and inspirational whatever you photographic profession.

Why is it important?

The BJP keeps you up to date with what others in the industry are doing and experiencing. It also helps you keep onto of trends in the industry, which may influence or affect your work. As a student photographer it gives me an insight into a photographers life, in some cases inspiration for my own work, and an aspiration to one day be one of these featured photographers.

Why did we choose it?

If looked the most professional and ‘up market’ out of the magazines and journals on the racks in the library. It is also the longest running photography magazine, first published in 1854. We felt this gave it a good standing and makes it a reliable resource.

Was it useful/inspirational?

There is equipment reviews, which are helpful, and let you know what equipment you should learn about to be up to industry standard. The photographer portfolios are excellent for research and for inspiration.

How will it help?

The BJP helps by keeping you up to date with all the industry standard equipment. There is also a wide variety of work from photographers from all around the world. This allows you to see trends and get influences from people from different cultures. Finally there are some adverts for different companies, from studios for hire to print finishers. The fact that they are advertising in the British Journal of Photograph lets you know they are of a high standard and the product will be worth the cost.


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