William Debois

William Debois, Ethos portraits

William Debois is a working photographer running his own business, Ethos portraits.

When speaking to us he spoke about the harsh reality of being a photographer, owning your own business and how hard it is to be successful. His talk was quite negative, however I really appreciated this. I would rather someone came and told us how hard it was and fully prepared us for what is to come, rather than tell us it is all going to be peachy and then we are suddenly hit with a bleak reality after the degree. Despite the undesirable spin he put on being a photographer, I found the talk strangely inspirational and I made me want to work harder to become successful.

Debois’ dos and don’ts


  • Price everything; things cost what they cost so never apologies for you prices.
  • Pay your taxes, on time and correctly.
  • Always make a positive impression, even when your having a bad day a smile is vital.
  • You must provide an experience for your customers. It makes the day more special and makes you memorable.


  • Work for free, although an exchange of favors rather than money is allowed.
  • Buy unnecessary equipment, it is a waste of money you don’t have.
  • Make verbal agreements, everything must be written so no one can go back on the agreement.

website: http://www.ethosportraits.com


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