Genres of Photography

Photojournalism                                      Food photography

Documentary photography                         Panoramic photography

Action photography                                      Architectural photography

Wildlife Photography                                   Stock photography

Aerial photography                                       War photography

Underwater photography                            Environmental photography

Fine art photography                                   Landscape photography

Portraiture                                                       Travel photography

Wedding photography                                 Fashion photography

Advertising photography                     Still life photography


Photojournalism is the art of communicating news, and stories through the use of images.  This involves the photographer travelling a lot and getting images to match a story or to create a story. This genre of photography often borrows aesthetic qualities from other genres. Photojournalism is sometimes very similar to documentary photography, where as it could also have to be landscape or portrait photography. It is a chameleon of photography.

Travel Photography

Travel photography is another genre of photography that can include other genres. Travel photography essentially involves going to a place to document what it is like. This can include landscapes, people, cultures and customs. Therefore, it borrows from the genres of photography for these things. However, the purpose and context of the image is what makes it ‘travel’. Travel photography is something I am interested in, as I really want to travel the world and create inspirational images whilst doing so.

 Advertising Photography

Advertising photography is the photographing of products in order to sell them to the public. This is sometimes done in a studio using the product and lighting to create an attractive image, so the viewer will want the product. It can also be done on location and with models. It all depends on the product/brand. The main thing in advertising photography is to make the product desirable and create an aspirational vision for the customer. Adverting photographers often have to adopt styles to their work in order for the images to fit with the brand style. It is important to be adaptable.


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