Vanessa Miles

I really enjoyed the talk from Vanessa Miles. She spoke about photo libraries and agencies. She has lead an interesting life and has worked in many areas of the industry, including working as a picture editor. I felt gained an incite into working in the industry from her.I have been thinking that becoming a picture editor is something I would like to look into as a future career, and after Vanessa’s talk and the task she had us do, I am definitely going to look into this more. I like the thought of having a career that revolves around photography but it isn’t my photography that’s on the line. I can still do personal work in my spare time, but my job would be looking at others. Something I do enjoy doing.It was also interesting to here how picture libraries work and how the pricing and leasing of the images is negotiated. I feel submitting images to picture libraries, whilst unreliable and income isn’t guaranteed, it could be a good way to get my work out there and hopefully earn some extra money.


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