New photographers need to start somewhere: established photographers may need to expand their work options. Few photographers are fortunate to be paid well enough just to take photographs and many need another string to their bow. This presentation highlights the other options in related fields.


Photographers’ Assistant

•  An obvious starting pointScreen Shot 2013-02-12 at 17.41.46

•  This can be permanent, part-time or freelance

•  Responsible for the smooth running of the shoot

•  Flexibility is key



• Carrying equipment
• Driving
• Captioning and retouching images • Organizing props
• Looking after clients and models
• Sweeping floor/making tea

I feel being a photographers assistant will be a good way to get my foot in the door. Being a full time assistant I will not only learn a lot about photography. I will also learn the business side of the being a photographer and meet a lot of important people. During my interview with Alexander Kent, he said that doing an apprenticeship was the best thing he had even done and he learnt everything he knows during that time.


Digital Imaging

•  Specialist in the digital fieldScreen Shot 2013-02-12 at 17.39.24

•  Editing/using software/ post production

•  Freelance

•  Working for media 
agencies / publishers

•  Goes beyond retouching


I am really into retouching and learning Photoshop techniques has been my favorite part of photographic technologies so far. I think making a career out of it would be something I would enjoy. I would have to work hard and drastically improve my skills but I feel it is achievable.

Picture Editor

•  Publishing

•  Commission photographers to illustrate an article, editorial or book

•  Bank of stable photographers

•  Looking for new talent

•  Makes the final selection (often with the art director)

•  Drawing up contractsScreen Shot 2013-02-12 at 17.39.38

•  Negotiating fees or usage rights

•  Briefing the photographer

•  Responsible for deadlines, budgets, syndication

 Picture Desk Assistant

•  Helps the Picture editor

•  Magazines, newspapers, TV or web companies

•  Help organising the logistic of a shoot

•  Chase commissioned pictures

•  Handle buying pictures

•  Negotiating rights

•  Picture research

•  Captioning

•  Administration

•  Use of photo editing software


Being a picture desk assistant or even the picture editor, I feel, would be an amazing job. The talk from Vanessa Miles was really interesting and this is something I feel I may like to do. I think it would be hard work and tricky to get into but the job seems like a challenge but fun.


Picture Researcher

•  Sourcing images

•  Many of them are freelance

•  Working on a specific commissioned projects

•  Sometimes are employed by museums, stock libraries, publishers

•  Negotiate rights (within budget)

•  Writing captions

•  Supply credit information




• The Publishing Training Centre • London School of Publishing


I think being a picture researcher is something I would like to do. I like research and finding information. I think it would work to my strengths and it is something I would enjoy doing. Having seen how to get onto the picture researching courses, I feel it is an achievable career. I will have to look into some work experience sooner rather than later, as experience is important.


Art Director

•  Graphic design/ photography/fashion/ editorial background

•  Commission freelancers or set the brief for the in- house team

•  Edit shoots and make the final selection

•  Creative decision making

•  Campaign, Creative Review


Being an art director is one of those dream careers. It combines many areas of expertise and I am not 100% sure it is something would actually be able to do, but I would love to try. I feel it would be a lot of pressure and hard work, especially to get into, but I feel it would be rewarding.


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