I have undertaken a range of work this year from food photography to live music. Food photography is my passion, it is what makes me excited about photography and what I love to do. At the same time I enjoy all aspects of photography and my live music work at the Plymouth Pavilions allows me develop and expand my knowledge. Live music photography takes me far out of my comfort zone, and this helps me grown in confidence as well as technically. Live music means you have to get the shot there in that second, where as with food, you can reshoot, reposition things and take your time. This has helped my technical skills, and the speed in which I can compose an image. I have to go on gut instinct with what would look good, and know my camera settings will allow me to get the image I am after.

I feel I have grown as a photographer this year. Partly due to finding my area of photography which has allowed me to grow in confidence and find the thing i am fully dedicated to. But also due to me taking myself out of my comfort zone, and making me trust my technical skills. It has made me believe I have the technical skills that i can then build on with creativity.


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